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 Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7

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Game username : Mora20
Server : Shivexus (Owner,W.I.P)
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Age : 17

PostSubject: Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7   Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:27 am

I am having troubles figuring it out and using tutorials to compile my own server... I decided I would ask for a server host. If i do find a way to have my own server and able to create it myself (I don't give up easily) then I wont be looking.

Please give examples, and prices.
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Game username : Zilla
Server : None
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PostSubject: Re: Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7   Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:30 am

Server hosting most of the time costs some sort of currency like DA points or money via PayPal but if you are lucky you might be able to find a free host which is very rare to find. Hosting your own server isn't an easy task. I am not sure if you understand that there are many different steps to hosting your server which can be found Here If you do manage to host thats awesome. Good luck!
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Game username : TaintedRhyme,Veronique
Server : Ethereal(OWNER)
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PostSubject: Re: Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7   Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:08 pm

Zilla is right, As a hoster myself. I would charge 20$ a month at least. Some router's can't host, the first step is to find out if you can! If you need any help I can give you some tips and possibly show you how I host. It may help you if you follow the steps(Aside from your router as it'll be different). I can walk you through steps if you can't figure it yourself.

  If you really need a host, You can contact me for details about my pricing and I can host for you. If you need any information to contact me you can:


-Email(Will give when requested)

-Skype(Will give when requested)

-Any other source you might have that I can register.

Free hosting is not common much anymore. People declare money worth for it. Sometimes it's not exactly free. It does use internet and if you have a data plan for your computer. Then it's not recommended. (I have unlimited Data Wifi at home).

But wait! before you ask questions if your router can host. Make sure you can sign into it(Through browser), and be sure it is host-able. Some tips is to look up: 'How to portforward__(Name of router)'. If you cannot find anything teaching you to portforward then the chances of hosting is slim. Anyone can sign into their router. But not everyone can portforward~bounce

Have a nice day,
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PostSubject: Re: Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7   

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Primal Universe looking for a server host 24/7
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