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 Accidentally deleted my game! :(

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PostSubject: Accidentally deleted my game! :(   Mon 06 Jul 2015, 17:13

So silly me, I forgot to turn off my stupid Norton antivirus before starting my game... And it deleted the button to start the game!!! Everything else is safe, I'm just missing the game. Do I have to start over now? :C Or is there any way to get it back?
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3D Modeler

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PostSubject: Re: Accidentally deleted my game! :(   Mon 06 Jul 2015, 17:17

Game.exe ? you need to compile again then, and it will pop up again.
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PostSubject: Re: Accidentally deleted my game! :(   Tue 07 Jul 2015, 00:01

In your Norton there is a quarantine area for viruses and other things it thought wasn't good for your computer, you can get it back from there but after getting it back from there and it still doesn't work I'd suggest would Witacha said. It would probably just be easier to compile again rather than looking into your quarantine.
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Accidentally deleted my game! :(
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