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 How much customization is too much?

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Game username : Hamilton
Server : Myatar Legends // Dragon's Den
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PostSubject: How much customization is too much?   Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:40 pm

Ever since I started working on my server...no...even before that...when it was just a simple idea...I have wanted to up the customization.

If you've had the chance to play Myatar Legends, you know...I never let go of that ideal.

From just increasing the existing options (22 heads, lord knows how many manes and tufts) to adding in new options (body selection, claws, whiskers, pawpads etc). Right now, there are 201 models dedicated to just the character creation process. And with the color pallets to go with them.

I mean, dang. It's a lot. And it's only 1/3 of the total project.

Recently, I added dual eye coloring to the code (you can find the tutorial in the appropriate section of this forum). And this rediculous topic came about from it. Someone on DA mused "It would be pretty cool to play a game where you can choose different colour of eyes on both sides" and it struck me...

Where exactly does the line get drawn? This idea they had is entirely possible. It just means copying the dual-eye method so the game recognizes 5 masks rather than just 3. But lord knows you can't saddle the players with only a horizontal 50/50 divide. what about vertical? diagonal? odd shapes? 20/80? 60/40? what about Tri-color?!

I still plan on digging into the layered markings. Adding a new page to the creation menu means I'll have another empty slot. Another potential customization feature to fill.

I know in me heart, that still wouldn't be enough. Someone somewhere will question why suchandsuch isn't an option.

This got longer than I thought it would, I'm sorry.

In short: When does it become TOO much customization? How do you know when to stop and say "okay, that's everything. there's nothing left"?

Because...I clearly don't know.....
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Game username : Flamingtruth
Server : Ethereal(Owner)
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PostSubject: Re: How much customization is too much?   Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:48 am

Well one question is "How long would you want people taking on their characters" i mean some people might complain that there is to many options and it confuses them while others will be like "ya this is amazing we should have this customization on every server!" and ya ect. you should add a poll to see who thinks it would be a good idea and who disagrees
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How much customization is too much?
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